Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Having the BEST job ever!

My name is Kathie....
(Hello, Kathie)
And I am a.....clothes whore.
Sad, but true. And it only seems to get worse with age.
So, what better way to feed my habit than to work in a clothing store. But not just any clothing store, mind you.
No siree.
When I moved to Texas I fell in love with a boutique called Runway Seven.
I first stumbled upon it when I was staying in Fort Worth for a few days and THEN (choir sings!)....
I found out there was one in my own 'hood. 
As a matter of fact I shopped there so often that the manager offered me a job.
I said yes.
And so, the love affair continues.

Because the only think I love more than shopping there is working there!

For the most part our things are what I'd call 'gypsy cowgirl' - something you could wear cowboy boots with, but can also slip on a pair of Tori Burch flats if you're not the cowboy boot wearin' type.

I have been here since October.
I love my boss.
I love my co-workers.
I love my customers (many have become friends).
The best part?
Besides the discount, you mean?
Well, how about minimal stress? NO drama?
(Two big things that can keep a person from having a happy/positive life). 
Between Runway Seven, Hillbilly Debutante, upcoming book signings and working on my next book, I'm a pretty busy girl.
But a happy one, too!
I've been writing a lot about living a positive and happy life.
What makes one happy, of course differs from person to person, but as for me, I have never equated making or having a lot of money with happiness.
Happiness to me is spending large amounts of time with family (especially grandchildren), having a home filled with things that I love (The Hillbilly Hacienda), a reliable car that gets me where I need to go (Clemontine, my 10 year old lemon yellow mini-cooper), wonderful friends and neighbors (that also happen to be family), a lazy dog that camps in front of the fireplace (Sally) and a God who loves me.
THAT, my friends - is what I call the perfect life.
What about you?
What is YOUR perfect life?

Monday, February 16, 2015

Today and Every Day, I'm Just Me

Living a Positive, Happy and (almost) Worry-Free Life
(Part II)
Today and everyday, I'm just me!

Okay, so it's also a title from a 1970's Charley Pride song, but anyway. 
Everyone wants to know 'how I do it' - how I am able to remain positive in this crazy world.

Well, I've found that the happiest people in the world are ones that stay true to themselves and I can definitely attest to that fact!

I am a very simple person.
I like what I like and I don't let anyone influence me.

For instance, I like old cars.
Especially old beat up Suburbans.

I drove this ol' beaute for 4 years. I named her Dixie and she was a 'star' in the earlier days of this blog.

And it was EXTREME fun to be all dressed up and drive her to a fun event where other people were driving Lexus or BMW's.
  The reaction of other people was just priceless!
You see - positive, confident people can laugh at themselves and don't mind if other people do, too!

I am also not afraid to let my creative juices flow for all the world to see------

and criticize.

While I loved the end result of decorating this house in Shabby Chic style I definitely received criticism over it but never dreamed of changing it.

Same thing about my work.
Some people like it. And some really, really don't.

Ouch, you'd think - right?

Water off a duck's back.

It used to hurt when I first started out, but then I reminded myself why I do what I do - because I enjoy it!

And I also don't want to be on my death-bed regretting that I was too afraid of criticism to step out and take a chance on the things I want to do.

According to palliative care worker and author Bronnie Ware, the biggest regret dying patients have is that they've lived their lives the way others thought they should - not the way they wanted.

I live every single day to not let that be me.

Til Next Time,



Friday, January 30, 2015

Conquer your Jealousy

This is the first installment of my series 'Living a Happy, Positive and (almost) Worry-Free Life'.
Let me preface this by saying I really don't have any 'secret formula' for living a good life. What works for me will probably sound utterly bizarre to you. But one thing I do know is that jealousy, if it's not the main thing that can kill your happiness, then it sure plays a close second.

 Jealousy ruins friendships, marriages and even worse - steals a persons joy.
While it's true that some competition is away of life, it should not rule every aspect of our life.
We all know women (and men) who's claws come out when they see someone they perceive more beautiful, more successful or more 'something' than they are.
It's such a dangerous trap. Don't fall into it!
 Because no matter how beautiful, successful, rich and wonderful you are there is always someone more beautiful, successful, rich and wonderful than you are!
Trying to be 'better' than everyone else or someone you see as your competition is exhausting! And it's a never-ending cycle, not to mention it's about as far from living a happy life as you can possibly get.
So, here is what happy people I know do to keep that ugly Green-Eyed Monster at bay.
Positive people only compete with themselves.
Every day I get up and I look for ways to be a better Mom, wife, friend, writer, Christian or better anything than I was the day before.
 Positive people don't 'keep up with the Joneses'.
 I do not care what kind of car, pool, house, clothes, et al my friends, family, colleagues acquire. I do however watch closely how they treat others because it determines if I am going to be friends with them, which brings me to my final point -
Positive people always try to look for the good in people - even if they have to dig a little deeper to find it -
Jealous people take pleasure in cutting people down in an effort to lift themselves up, which I think at the end of the day has the opposite effect.
The first rule in living a good, positive life is being happy with YOU. The good news is, is if you don't like you - then you have the power to change that!
There is so much more I could say on this but I think you get the point.
 I admit - I was pretty nervous to touch on this, but when asked about writing an article on living a happy life I would have been doing my readers a disservice to leave this out.
Til next time,

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

A question I get a LOT....

Kathie, how do you stay so positive?
Yep, I get that question quite a bit. Of course I have my bad days just like everyone else but for the most part I am pretty chipper.
Anyway, I got to thinkin'...
What makes some people see the glass as half-full while others see it as half-empty?
I can't answer for others but as for me, I blame credit my uncles for creating the confident,  take-on-the-world risk-taker that I am. 
You see, my mom was the only girl out of 10 kids and I am the oldest grandchild.
She had me at a young age so she brought me (all 5 pounds) home from the hospital to a house full of little boys
Now imagine all said little boys carrying me around like a baby doll (I didn't have to walk til I was 5), coddling me and spoiling me rotten, catering to my every whim.
For five glorious years I was a princess!
And then...... the bottom fell out.
That awful, horrible moment when reality opened the door and crept it's way into my life forever - that 'red devil' letting me know in no uncertain terms that I was not any cuter, not smarter, and -gasp!-  not any more special than anyone else!
Talk about traumatized! That's right, but it was my very first real lesson in life that sticks with me today. More on that later.
So, if you're interested in my 'secrets' on how to live a positive, happy, (almost) worry-free life then I am more than happy to divulge. 
But this will take more than one -even two - posts. So stay tuned. 
Til next time!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

People Like Us

It has been in the low 40's and even down to the mid-40's here in the Lone Star State. I know, I know. Those of you up north have no sympathy but that's still pretty nippy to me so I just 'layer up'.
And of course being cooped all I want to do is eat - which I have not been doing (outside of meal times).  So, I've been doing my Shaun T to distract me from thoughts of ice cream.

And ya know, I love my Shaun T, but I wish he'd just shut up. I mean, really. Why can't I just jump around,  dance and get my hip-hop on without his witty  stupid commentary? After the 6th time, he just isn't funny. Or cute. But I keep at it. And yes....I'm seeing a difference.
But night time is the worst. I just want to grab a bag of chips and eat the whole bag, because with winter also comes boredom and depression. So today I decided to reward myself. I went down to the Rowlett Library and checked out a book I've been wanting to read for sometime.
Then after I got my housework done I snuggled up on the couch with a cup of hot tea and said book.

I bought this teacup at Mount Vernon before I left Virginia. As you can see, there is Mount Vernon in all her glory on the teacup itself.
For many years we had the privilege of living on Mount Vernon property that was owned by George Washington.
I'll be going back to Virginia in February. We keep a townhouse there because Mr. T still has a office in DC. It's the first time I will have been back since leaving in June.
Yes, I'm looking forward to it....but not as much as I do coming back to beautiful Texas.
How do you get through the winter blues?

(book: Dominque Dunne "People Like Us", 1994)